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Last year, we told you that Google was testing out floating bubbles in the Android Messages app. Earlier last month, we discovered Facebook Messenger would use Android 11 Bubbles over old chat heads. Now we’ve got information Google Messages is supporting the Bubbles feature from the new Android version. It is still in beta but it should work properly and with only a few bugs. It should also work on Pixel phones and other Android devices on Android 11 Beta.

This should be a default feature but you must enable it. Get the latest version: Messages 6.3.052. Check settings for updates or see what version you are on.

A button will enable Bubbles for each conversation. Search for a little circle icon. It should be on the bottom right corner just within the Messages notification. This part also disables the Bubbles.

You can also try long-pressing on a Messages notification. Click on the corner settings icon. Enable Bubbles if you see this particular option.

Bubbles should pop up within Messages when you start conversations with people. Feel free to drag the Bubbles icon to any side of the screen. You can also manage multiple messages within the Bubble. Other actions you can do: view recent/dismissed conversation in the + table, tap Bubble to collapse, or swipe all to ‘X’ at the bottom to delete.

Download Google Messages from the Google Play Store if you don’t have it yet. Download and install Android 11 Beta as well on your phone if you’re not on it yet.


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