Aside from emojis and GIFs, stickers are probably one of the most popular ways that we communicate on messaging apps and social media, when words fail us or are not enough. To help you make sticker decisions, it looks like Google is testing out a few things on its Messages app and its Gboard virtual keyboard. Some users are now seeing contextual sticker suggestions in SMS, MMS, and RCS on Messages while some are getting sticker pack suggestions on Gboard.

Android Police shares some news from a tipster that they are getting some individual sticker suggestions in the compose box itself of Google Messages. Some have been able to activate the toggle in the settings to see these suggestions while some are not seeing it yet. In any case, it seems to be in the final stages as it has been spotted in the dogfood version of the app which is an internal pre-release version.

Basically, whatever it is that you’re typing, you will get some sticker suggestions below. This is pretty helpful for those who want to try out stickers but are having a hard time to think of what stickers to add. There may not be a lot of people just sending stickers left and right on Google Messages (messaging apps like Viber, Telegram, Messenger are some of the popular ones for sticker use), but Google has been pushing for RCS to become the next iMessage.

Meanwhile, over on Gboard land, the virtual keyboard seems to be suggesting whole sticker packs now. Previously, it would suggest individual stickers and GIFs based on the emoji that you’re using. Those who are seeing this change will be able to see it in the stickers section of the keyboard. When you tap one of the suggestions, you will see a card where you can choose to either Pass or Add. If you choose the latter, you will see it in your stickers collection.

Both of these new features seem to be server-side switches. But it won’t hurt to update your app to the latest version of course.