Google Messages End to End Encryption Beta

Google Messages is getting an important update this week. As promised, end-to-end encryption is now ready for the Android community. Google’s very own RCS client needs updating and a more secure system is something that’s been requested for some time. The update is initially available for a number of beta users and will soon be ready for more mobile consumers. Better security is something very important especially these days when hackers and cyber criminals have more time in the world.

Google’s direct RCS client is also now available in more markets. This global availability is something we’ve also been waiting for. It may be a bit late but we’re just glad to know it’s ready.

With the end-to-end encryption, a chat or conversation can never be read by anyone. It is secure especially if the message is sent from a sender directly to a receiver.

One-to-one conversations with end-to-end encryption will give mobile users peace of mind. It’s on by default. You can’t disable it. With the update, even the older conversations will be upgraded with more security and better encryption.

Google believes privacy is important. It’s now privacy-first so you won’t have to worry about important data and conversation being leaked to any prying eyes. For the update to work, both parties must use Google Messages beta. It won’t work if only one version is in beta while the other one is older.

To know if the conversation is encrypted, you will see the lock icon on the “Chatting with ____” banner. You will see the timestamps and delivered/read signs on the send button. Expect more security in chats with this E2E encryption. This also works on the web client version of Messages.


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