Ever since Google made its Meet video call service free for everyone, it had a fighting chance to go up against giant Zoom. But one thing it lacked was good support for the mobile version. Now the latest update will let you join Meet video calls from your Gmail for Android app without having to install the stand-alone Meet app. This way, you will be able to hop in on a meeting or a conference call from the comfort of your inbox on your smartphone.

While most people would prefer to join a video call from their laptop or desktop, there are some where their smartphones are their main device or they are mobile at the moment and so it’s the only way to access Meet. Previously, you could have a Meet call on your smartphone but you needed to install the stand-alone app. If you get a link to a Meet call on your email, you can just join the meeting from your inbox.

The other different thing is that you will be able to see a Meet tab on your Gmail app for Android. You will also be able to see upcoming meetings that have already been scheduled in your Google Calendar. Just tap on the link during the schedule and with just one tap, you can already join. You can also start a meeting, get the link to a meeting that you want to share, and join with a code if someone sends you a meeting code.

In case you or your company still prefer Zoom and you don’t want to see the Meet tab on your app, you can uncheck Meet from your app’s settings. Go to the hamburger menu on the top left corner of your Inbox and look for Meet somewhere down the list and you can just go ahead and uncheck it or check it if you change your mind later on. If you won’t use it often enough, then give up your screen space for other Gmail things.

Google has already started rolling out Meet integration on Gmail for Android. If you don’t see it yet, you may have to wait a bit for them to finish the rollout. You’ll have to download the Meet app in the meantime or just go on your Gmail web app while waiting.


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