For some of us, having VPN (virtual private network) capabilities is not a big deal, nor is it a deal-breaker when you purchase your Android device. But for some people who either live in locations where internet connections are heavily restricted, or those who want to browse and work on the internet securely, a VPN connection is of utmost importance. It looks like, at the very least, Google is planning to introduce some sort of VPN capability on Android, though this might not be working as of the moment.

John Freml of Pocketables was playing around with the new Android 5.1 Lollipop version on his Google Nexus 6 smartphone and he came around an app named “Google Connectivity Services”. To find this app, you can navigate to Settings > Apps > All, and look for the name on the list.


Freml discovered – with some tweaking – that you are able to run the app. Check out the source link (below) for the tweaks he had to do to be able to run the app. But an interesting feature popped up as he had the app running – there was a pop-up that said, “To help protect you on open Wi-Fi networks, your data will be transmitted securely through a Google VPN.”


Unfortunately, Freml wasn’t able to run the “Google VPN” that was alluded to in the instructions. It might be that Google is planning to launch a service that allows users to connect to Google VPN services globally. This would be a boon to all of those who need VPN connectivity. At this point, the feature may not be running yet, but it’s a step in the right direction.

SOURCE: Pocketables