Blogger Edgar Murtazin said in a tweet that Google is potentially changing course on their Nexus platform, and discontinuing it in favor of the Google Play Edition devices. Though not saying where he got his information from, his track record is hit and miss when it comes to information like this. Recent developments, however, could hint that he’s right this time.

The development of the Google Play Edition program has come along quickly. In asking that various manufacturers offer devices with stock or nearly stock Android, Google has taken the heat — and attention — off themselves. We also get the variety we want, in both hardware and software. The program leaves Google to support OEMs with Android without having to worry about supporting hardware of their own, a lesson perhaps learned from the Galaxy Nexus/KitKat debacle.

We also haven’t seen a new Nexus 10 tablet, though we’ve continually heard news of its existence. We can pontificate all day that what we’re seeing via various reports really is the Nexus 10, but there is no new Nexus 10 on the Play Store website. The Nexus 7 continues to sell famously, but would you really care if it were the “Google Play Edition Asus Tab” rather than a Nexus 7?

Though a popular option with Android fans, it did feel like Google was limping home a bit when they announced the Nexus 5 late last year. It lacked the fanfare of previous models, which was actually refreshing, but could it mean that Google has grown disinterested in Nexus? According to Murtazin, the program will screech to a halt in 2015, so if we never see a Nexus 7 smartphone, we’ll know he was right.