A new report suggests Google might be getting involved in the hardware game. Intel, the world’s largest chipset manufacturer, may be seeing competition from their fifth largest customer. Google is said to be eyeballing their own ARM design process, giving them an in-house hardware angle. At this time, the plans are said to be in the discussion phase only, so nothing is set.

The talks are said to be centered around server processors. Google, which houses an increasing number of data centers around the globe, is said to be interested in designing their own chipsets, their own way. Currently, Google buys chipsets like any other firm, but have unusual needs. They also want to better control and understand the relationship between hardware and software, and designing their own — in both regards — is the best way to do so.

This could have reaching effects beyond server-side solutions, too. If Google is confident they can design and have produced their own chipsets for mobile or Chromebooks, they’re walking right into Apple territory. The Cupertino-based company has long enjoyed their walled garden of control, and it’s proved successful for them over the years. With a more comprehensive approach to hardware, and accelerated software gains, Google might just be the Apple we always wanted.

ARM is also one technology that has its roots in mobile, but is making headway into server chips. That leads us to believe that Google is thinking well beyond servers here, and could be working on something much bigger for a long-term gain. We won’t speculate too much, since this is all information from undisclosed sources, but it’s one to keep int he memory bank for a later time. If anything, it shows Google is truly committed to security and safeguarding our information, and that’s more important than anything.