If you’re confused as to why Google has two music streaming apps, specifically YouTube Music and Google Play Music, the tech giant may be rethinking that strategy too. Sources are saying that the company is working on combining the two units, which includes the two product teams as well. There is no official news as to what this will mean for consumers moving forward but we probably should expect some form of change soon and hopefully, it’s a change that will be better for consumers as well.

Google Play Music has of course been around for some time now and is Google’s official music streaming and selling app. But eventually, they also decided to have YouTube Music, as part of their strategy to create dedicated apps for three of the video sharing apps’ most popular verticals, which also includes kids and gaming. It’s supposedly to optimize users’ experience, depending on what they really want to use YouTube for.

Now that the product teams for the two will supposedly be merging, can we expect just one music streaming app from Google? Nothing is official and certain at this point, so it seems that the two different products will continue on as they are now and be independent of each other. But of course, eventually, we will be seeing changes or even an integration.

Consumers seem to be on a minimalist trend when it comes to having apps on their phones. We’re seeing users either stop downloading new apps or remove ones that they’re not using that often. So it might be a good move for Google to just have one music app. Besides, competition is tough on music streaming apps nowadays so it might be better to combine their powers.

VIA: The Verge