A lot of consumers now expect businesses and establishments to have more eco-friendly practices just as we expect more people to be more conscious about their consumption. Sometimes though it’s hard to know which ones care about the environment and which can help you have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Google Maps will now be highlighting such locations around you or wherever you want to search for them. This will make it easier to search and filter for eco-friendly businesses, provided the businesses themselves or Local Guides fill in that kind of information.

If you’re trying to get into the whole recycling lifestyle, you’ll now be able to look at Google Maps and Search for places where they can properly dispose of specific items like clothing, electronics, batteries, light bulbs, glass bottles, and even household hazardous materials. Business Profiles will be able to add to their profile what kind of materials they accept for recycling or upcycling. Visitors to locations will also be prompted to answer questions if they visit places like this.

Maps is also suggesting that people build a list of businesses that will help you consume responsibly. You can do lists of places that have electric vehicle charging stations, second-hand stores, recycling centers, farm-to-table restaurants, etc. And of course these lists are meant to be shared so make sure you make them public. These lists will help give businesses with sustainable practices a boost especially if they are smaller places.

A lot of these things will need the help of Local Guides and users of course. If you want to help these businesses, upload photos and contribute reviews so other people will know which businesses to patronize. You can also suggest an edit to the Business Profile of these places if they have not yet indicated yet that they recycle, upcycle, or other sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Google is of course highlighting these things not just because of the recent Earth Day celebration but because they have been trying to be more sustainable these past years of course. They are encouraging both businesses and users to contribute to this sort-of eco-friendly database on Google Maps and Search.


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