Google has rolled out a series of updates to some of its Android apps, including Google Maps. While the official changelog for Maps mentions very little aside from the generic “bug fixes”, it seems that there have been subtle tweaks lurking beneath.

The most, or perhaps the only, visible change seems to be with the place card in Maps. When you search for a place in the app, you will be presented not just with photos or reviews, but you will also see an “Upcoming events” section in the card as well. This could be useful when trying to discover interesting events that will be taking place in a particular venue.


There are also changes under the hood, but most of these just have to do with strings, or pieces of text that will be later displayed or spoken inside the app. A group of new strings seem to indicate options to dim the display in between turn-by-turn navigation, while another group are related to the app’s peer review system.

The new version of Google Maps, which is now at 7.7, is slowly rolling out now. But as always, it is done in a staggered fashion and might reach some users later than others.

Download: Maps on Google Play Store
VIA: Android Police