Google Maps has become more than just the app that you open when you’re probably lost going to an unfamiliar place. The updates they have been bringing has made it a pretty useful navigation app, both for those driving and those commuting. The latest new feature that they’re introducing for Android devices is real-time information regarding traffic, transit options and even the best restaurants that you can find in the area. They’re neatly organized in three tabs that you’ll find when you swipe up on the app.

The first tab you’ll see is called Places and it contains places for eating and drinking, curated under various categories like “business dinners”, “cheap eats”, etc. Not only that, you can also look for the nearest ATMs, gas stations, groceries, etc, whatever you would need. Plus you can look at images that other people have uploaded (if any) and even short descriptions of the neighborhood. This is pretty handy if you’re unfamiliar with the area, and you don’t even need to go out of Google Maps to find these places.

The second one is the Driving tab and you’ll be able to see real-time ETA and traffic conditions on your route. Well, you’ll be able to see that if you have saved your home and/or work addresses saved in your settings. And since you’re probably familiar already with your route, you probably don’t need turn-by-turn directions and so the real-time traffic situation is more important to you. Just go to the driving mode by tapping on “start driving”.

The transit tab is the third new feature and again, if you have your home and work addresses saved, you’ll be able to see the transit recommendations so you can get to your destination the fastest. You can see train and bus schedules, when the next one will arrive, and what is the ETA to your house or office. You can also check out the other schedules if you’re going somewhere else. Update your Google Maps to the latest version to enjoy these new, or rather, more organized features.

SOURCE: Google Maps


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