This morning the team at Google has updated a few apps and one to get the treatment is Google Maps. Today they’ve begin rolling out the latest update to devices that brings with it a few improvements to directions, especially with popup bubbles, as well as the new “Local” tab with ratings and more.

Now with a simple tap of the dropdown menu when you go into the Local Tab you get a wide array of new and convenient options. Searching for local restaurants, bars, and more got easier. They also have added Zagat Ratings to search results. Zagat is mostly know for restaurant ratings but I’m seeing multiple scores for local Vegas bars too.

Thanks to the new Google Maps I’ve just found what will be my next night out. A highly rated restaurant and German Beer Pub just a few minutes from my house. Along with all the local features the new Maps also added navigation options directly to the map popup bubbles for those that have enabled the feature from Google Labs. Google’s released this quick video to show you the new Maps in action:

[via Play Store]