Good news for Google Maps users today, as the Mountain View search giant announces a few updates for Maps. Since updating Maps after this years’ I/O conference, Google has been in a bit of beta testing for the popular service. Today’s announcement brings updates to search queries within Maps, and a better method for planning trips.

First, users will be able to plan a route with multiple destinations. After choosing a stop, users can select “+” to add destinations. The new destination can be chosen by typing into the search box, or clicking on the map.

For those destinations with a lot going on, Google will now show you which events are coming up in Maps. Much like Google Now does for your area, Maps will show you what’s coming up for any destination you search (should they have anything public planned).

Google will also show you details on what you may have planned when you search for a restaurant, or an airport where you may be leaving from or arriving at. Just by typing the name of your destination into the search box, you will be shown all activities you have coming up at that location. Of course, you have to be signed into Google to see personal results. The update is rolling out gradually, so keep your eyes peeled.