Google will only continue to improve on Google Maps. It is one service that we know will remain forever because it is mighty useful and is integrated with numerous products and services all over the world. A number of navigation apps rely on information provided by Google Maps so it’s only wise that the mapping service is frequently updated with new and accurate information.

Google Maps is said to have received a major enhancement. It now offers directions that feel “more human”. It tells you when or where to turn right or left. It’s as if you’re using Waze but only the landmarks are highlighted. Google will tell you what establishment or popular spot is near so you will know what to expect or see in the area especially while driving.

The turn-by-turn directions are available for select Google Maps users only. If you’re curious, the system uses local landmarks when giving directions to a certain destination. Some information provided include estimated distances, street names, and landmarks. It’s not natural-sounding yet but Google really plans on improving the service.

The feature is still being tested so Google may or may not release this particular feature. Let’s just wait and see.

VIA: Engadget


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