Google is pushing a relatively small update to Google Maps today to enhance its “Places” feature. ‘Best Ever’ ratings, as the update dubs them, will help you decide what restaurant in the area to go to. This may be small, but is a useful update in Google’s quest to “organize and make available the world’s information.”

Google Places was introduced to help people find businesses and restaurants in their area. What sprung out of Google’s love to organize and present information to the world, has become more useful with its integration into the mobile Google Maps app. Now when browsing maps for new restaurants nearby, you’ll be able to filter out which ones are the best.

Google’s apps continue to grow, and their integration with Android is one of its biggest strengths. Places isn’t necessarily the most popular of them though. What do you Places users out there think of the update? Is this a much needed update, or more of a ‘meh’? Let us know.