If you’re the kind of person who likes to know the exact distance between two points, and to see this distance visually, then you’ll be extremely happy with the new update to the Google Maps, desktop version. It now allows you to plot your trips between two places, draw a line between them by clicking and dragging, so you can see how short or long it can take you to go between them.

This feature was actually previously available if you install it through the Google Labs, but somehow when they re-launched their app, it wasn’t functioning anymore. This time around, it is officially on the Google Maps update. You can now plot and doodle and make crazy shapes on the map to your heart’s content. We’re expecting to see a lot of screencapped insane and maybe NSFW shapes when the rollout is complete.

But for those who are serious about using the new feature, this will be very useful when plotting your trips or your rides around the city or your daily runs. It will help you more accurately measure those distances. It also lets you add as many points as you want and then connect them together (into any shape you want) so that you will be able to plan a trip with multiple points.

You can now practice plotting on the New Google Maps. But if you still prefer the old school way of looking at the maps, you can still use the classic version by enabling it in the Maps Labs.

SOURCE: Google