Google Maps is one of the tech giant’s very useful services. The mobile app version especially has proven to be one easy and convenient tool for navigation. If you’re going to a new place, just type the address and check the map for location and direction. You can see estimated travel, commute time, or walk duration.

This time, it’s getting a minor update albeit a useful one for the commuters. The update delivers interactive real-time notifications and live guidance when you’re traveling. The idea is something you get from Waze of those turn-by-turn updates but the Google Maps version simply provides real-time updates while on transit. Details will pop up in the app, as well as, on the lock screen of your Android device.

The idea isn’t really new actually. Once you search and locate transit directions, you can press on that ‘start’ button you see on the screen. Live updates will be provided as you walk or ride. This will become more useful if you’re riding a train or bus. You have Google now to tell you where you are or when to get off. The app will tell you if you’re near your destination.

The information can also be shown on the notifications. They are interactive so you can easilly scroll through the alerts. This particular Google Maps feature offers detailed transit directions, as well as, keeps track of your progress whether you are driving, walking, or biking.

Google should roll out the changes any day now. Some may have received the update already so others will definitely follow.

VIA: TechCrunch