Before you try a new restaurant or visit a new place in an unfamiliar neighborhood, aside from recommendations and pictures, what is one thing that can convince you to go? If you answered video, then the folks over at Google probably heard you as they are now slowly rolling out the ability to upload videos on Google Maps. For now, this feature is limited to those who are on the Local Guides program, but it may soon be available for everyone else who use Google Maps.

Local Guides are now encouraged to submit videos of the interesting places around their locale, whether it’s to make mini tours of the places they love or show off their favorite restaurants. They can even show the actual food themselves or create a blog or review about the places. When this rolls out to everybody, you’ll find even more people taking videos of what they’re eating before they actually eat it. And surprisingly, Google is encouraging users to take videos vertically or “the tall way” unlike before when they encouraged the landscape method.

You will be able to take 10 seconds of video if you’re shooting it from the built-in Google Maps camera. Just search and select a place on Google Maps, tap Add Photo, and then tap the camera and hold the shutter button for 10 seconds. But if you’re adding videos from your own gallery, only the first 30 seconds will be uploaded. Same procedure, except that instead of the Camera button, you tap on the folder and select a video from the gallery.

The feature is gradually rolling out to Local Guides for now. What is unclear is whether there will still be a review process when you submit the videos. But you are encouraged to take a look at the Google’s review policy so there will probably be something.

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