The latest update to Google Maps, an essential app for a lot of people out there, has added a few features, including one that should tell you when it’s “safe” (meaning no more heavy traffic) to go to your destination already (which is most probably home) or just stay and hang out first wherever you are. You don’t even have to enter a destination for it to work. Plus, there are a few more minor changes to the navigation app.

No, Google Maps hasn’t turned psychic. Even though you didn’t enter any destination, you at least have to have a work or home destination saved up or at least turn on your location services so it has a frame of reference for the information it will give you. It will tell you if the traffic is still too heavy or if you’re good to go and head on home. Information provided include ETA, traffic updates, gas prices of nearby stations, quickest routes to destinations based on your history, etc. All this information can also be accessed if you turn on the Driving Mode while you’re driving around the city. Yeah, it does sound like Waze, but now integrated with your Google Maps.

Other changes in this update include an audio toggle in the navigation, bringing it back to the foreground from the overflow menu where it was relegated to before. You can choose to put it in Muted, Alerts Only, or Unmuted. You now also have a timeline so you can easily see the places you’ve been to lately, whether you just want to relive it or you want to remember it for work-related purposes.

Based on “teardown” information, we might also be seeing some new features in the next version, including the much requested To-Do List. But in the meantime, update your map to version 9.19 to enjoy the latest added features of Google Maps.

SOURCE: Google Maps

VIA: Android Police