google maps android wear

If Android Wear devices are expected to be worn on the wrist most of the time, we might as well take advantage of the features, new and old ones, and those navigation features we’re only discovering. Those who regularly use Google Maps and actually have a smartwatch will notice a Google Maps app on your Android Wear device, or at least, those smartwatches that run the latest Android Wear software update.

A Google Maps app on your wearable device can be useful although a small screen may not be ideal for viewing maps for navigation. You can pinch to zoom but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a challenge actually using the Google Maps on your watch. You can easily launch the app from the app launcher by clicking or saying “open Maps”. You may also notice a new feature that shows a black and white outline map when the watch isn’t touched or used for a while similar to those ambient watch faces.

This Google Maps app that appeared on Android Wear seems to be an official app from the tech giant although there was no formal launch or announcement. It doesn’t seem stable too yet. It could still be in its beta form but we’re expecting the feature will make your Android Wear smartwatch more useful than ever but then again, the tiny smartwatch screen may deem it useless. What do you think?

VIA: Android Central