Google has released an Android update for Google Maps today, which includes better syncing across multiple devices. The update comes on the same day that Apple released iOS 6, which has wiped Google Maps completely from its interface.

The update allow users to sync their Google Maps search results across their computers and mobile devices. To get it working, you just have to make sure you’re signed into Google Maps and that your web history is enabled. From there, Google takes care of the rest and automatically syncs your search history.

“Typing on a phone is slow, and our goal is to reduce the amount of typing as much as possible,” says vice president of engineering for Google Maps Brian McClendon. He’s certainly right, and this new syncing feature makes it a lot easier to search for locations that you’ve searched before on your computer.

The update comes on the same day that Apple officially boots Google Maps off of iOS, so this could be Google’s way of fighting back or just a small message for what’s yet to come. McClendon says that Apple’s Maps app does not offer this syncing feature, since Apple doesn’t have a giant search engine that can gather data about what you’ve searched.

[via SlashGear]