Google Maps for Android Wear

The Android Wear wearable platform by Google is expected to get bigger and better this year as the Internet giant continues to introduce new features and develop new functions. There’s always something new to explore and if you have an Android Wear device, you can get all the information you need even if you are in an unfamiliar area. Why, Google has updated the API for Android Wear and Google Maps app recently to bring data you need in a timely manner.

Receive local information just when you really need it directly on your smartwatch. Your smartphone may be enough but a smartwatch is more handy and practical to use. No need to bring out your phone every time you need directions or information because they can show up on your Android Wear display.

Google has been improving on Google Maps more frequently these days. Google Maps for Android Wear will pop up when you say “Ok Google, navigate to…”. The company has enhanced the full-screen navigation view, as well as, the turn-by-turn guidance on the wrist-wearable device. Even when you are in battery-saving mode, the map view will still be displayed as made possible by the always-on screen support.

Google Maps Android Wear app

With the update, more travel apps have also integrated their features with Google Maps on Android Wear. Want to know the best rates on hotel accommodations? You can use HotelTonight to keep track of information and be notified right away. The Foursquare app can tell you some of the most popular restaurants in an area. The Citymapper app for Android Wear will definitely help you with step-by-step navigation using the public transport system in the city.

Other apps like TripAdvisor will tell you about the hottest spots in town while Priceline can notify you of the closes store where to buy a particular item that you need. If you’re searching for a new house and neighborhood, you can use Zillow or Trullia to check out listings and learn more about a certain place. For those who always want to get in touch with family and friends, you can also use Glympse on Android Wear to communicate with them without having to pick up your phone.

SOURCE: Official Android Blog