Are you ready to grip some edges and hit the powder for a day of snowboarding or skiing at your favorite winter destination? Would you love a detailed map showing all the trails, runs, and even ski lifts for easy viewing on the go? Well say hello to the newest added feature to the always improving Google Maps. Today Google’s announced new features to help you hit the fresh powder on the mountain top.

Google Maps has integrated different locations around this great country we call the US of A, offering over 38 different location with full details maps, runs, and details for the ski lifts – and even a few up in Canada. It looks like Google wants to become our “go-to guide” for the mountains. I can’t wait for this same feature to arrive for some of my favorite mountain bike destinations so I can hit them on my Trek EX8.

Google claims they’ve added around 38 of the most popular Ski Resorts and destinations in the country, and they also have tons more coming soon. If your favorite spot isn’t on the list don’t worry, because they’ll probably be adding it soon. Being in Vegas I was hoping for Brian Head, but I guess I’ll have to head to Park City, Utah, for my next Ski and Bike trip to test out this new feature.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.28.02 AM

Google is happy to bring the fun locations above to their Mapping service on both Android and iOS, and expect more to arrive soon. If you’re wondering about service way up in the Mountain tops, you’ll probably have it. If not just use Google Maps cache or save map feature for later viewing before you head out. A few select slopes even offer street view, now that’s just awesome. Check out more details from the via below.

[via Google Blog]