Today Google has added another addition to their Maps service that should make all those New York readers plenty happy. If you’ve ever missed the subway or been late this should help you out. Google Maps has offered transit times and updates for months, but now you’ll get real-time updates and alerts in New York City.

What this means is the Android app will now alert users headed towards the subways of delays, maintenance problems, as well as various other alerts and updates. You can check any of the more than 400 subways stations Google Maps now supports and you’ll have full alerts.

Not only that but Google Maps will then use its navigation features to reroute those walking or seeking to travel by subway to alternate routes that don’t have delays or late subway trains. New York City has one of the biggest subway systems here in the U.S and this was probably a big task, but Google’s always up to a challenge it seems.

I’ve used Google Maps in the past while traveling to NY but I have a feeling this will make things much, much easier in the future. Google Maps has continued to evolve and get better and is one of the best apps from Google, that is for sure. With indoor mall support, travel and subway navigation, 3D maps, offline directions and more it really is impressive. Good luck Apple with your own option.

[via Google Blog]