Late last year, Google Maps added information about Lime vehicles in your area on the app’s transit tab, in case you need that extra push to get you where you need to be without having to ride a bus or a ride-share. A couple of months later, they are now adding 80 more cities where the service is available, including major cities in Europe. This gives commuters alternatives to the usual when they need to travel to short distances within the city.

If you’re not familiar with what Lime is, it’s an app and service that you can use to rent electric scooters, electric assist bikes, and smart pedal bikes if you need a vehicle for those too short but not too long locations that you need to go to. It’s just like an Uber but the vehicles are scattered across the city and you’ll have to be the one to drive yourself of course. But it should be relatively cheaper and more hassle free

If the city you’re in has the service, then it will show up on the Transit options of your Google Maps app. It will show you the distance to the nearest vehicle, how much it will cost you to rent it, and the estimated time it will take you to get to your actual destination. However, the actual transaction will move to the Lime app when details are being finalized.

In the newest update to Google Maps, you get 80 more cities in the US and around the world added. If you’re in any of the now supported places, you’ll be able to see the info under the “Also consider” section in the Transit options when you enter your destination. The international cities added include Christchurch, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Paris, Tel Aviv, etc.

SOURCE: Google