Google has just rolled out an update to their Maps application with a much requested feature, walking navigation. It comes meshed with the previously available walking directions and navigation features into one beta product – Walking Navigation (Beta v4.5).

This update brings walking directions in the same way we have had turn-by-turn directions for driving. It also brings the new Google Maps search bar at the top of the application scree. Here you can search, check places, and toggle layers in a more convenient way. You can now also filter search results by distance/ratings, view prices categorized with dollar signs, and look at cross streets for places.

Google Maps 4.5 is available now as an update in the Android Market.

[Via AndroidGuys]


  1. I have tried it and its not very good for walking, if you were listening to the directions alone. Also I find it a bit flakey. It stops speaking mid journey sometimes. Also when you arrive I would like it to make more of a song and dance, rather than a simple tost and the words “”you have arrived”.


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