Android isn’t perfect but its developers are always busy working to improve the platform by introducing new features and services and improving on current services. Sometimes, Google decides to do away with some services if it knows they’re not working or are being patronized by the consumers. In 2019, Google was successful to catch bad actors even before they hit the Play Store, as well as, limit the use of sensitive permissions. This year, the development team wants to add further improvements especially on accessing user location.

Google has recently made some changes to Android and Google Play policy. They are expected to impact how devs access location in the background. Users now have more control over their location data. It started in Android 10 when users were provided additional control to access location only when an app is in use. This makes more intentional location access.

In Android 11, even more control will be given as temporary “one-time” permission. This will be more beneficial to sensitive data. Permission must be asked again for the next access. It can be tasking but it’s definitely safer.

The Android team is also introducing ways on how to prevent unnecessary access to background location. It was discovered that not all apps actually need permission to access the location. With the policy changes, users can now choose when to share their location. Developers will soon be required to get approval to access location data first in the background.

To start with, Google will check all apps. They will be evaluated against a few factors. Even apps developed by Google will be checked. Some apps will be required a strong case to access location. Some examples are apps that send safety or emergency alerts and a social networking app that many people also check for important updates.


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