There are a lot of travel apps out there but if you don’t feel like downloading another app and if you mostly use Google to look for things like flights, hotels, restaurants, etc, then this new tool from the tech giant will be really helpful for you. They are now putting all your travel details, reservations, and even travel-related searches under a landing page called Trips (not to be confused with the Google Trips mobile app). All you have to do is go to to organize everything for upcoming trips or potential trips.

When you visit that page, you’ll see your upcoming trips organized based on plane or hotel reservations that they have been able to cull from your Gmail account. Later on, they said, you will be able to manually add new reservations that may have not been in your email. You will have the option to continue planning and all the things you searched for including saved places, flights you’re tracking, etc will be on the trip, provided you’re signed in to your Google account. You’ll also see some helpful links to travel articles so you can finalize your plans and itinerary.

Weather is also a very important part of your preparation for your trip. You’ll now see weather-related information on your upcoming trips and even on your potential travel plans. When researching for an upcoming trip, there are sections in the specific trip like Travel Guide, Events that may be happening during your travel period, Top Restaurants, and Restaurants near your hotel (if you’ve booked already).

Google Maps has previously added features to make travel planning part of your app experience as well. They have also now added a feature that will point out popular neighborhoods near where you’re staying and what they are famous for. So not only do you get to explore nearby places to your hotel but also other neighborhoods in the area. Soon your hotel and restaurant reservations will also be visible on Google Maps.

Google says they want to make your travel planning and your travel itself easier through Google Maps, Google Search, and now your Trips page. As to where the Google Trips app will fit into all of this that remains to be seen.