More changes for Google and their Android Market have been detailed this weekend. Early last week Google rebranded the Market as the Google Play Store and now we’ve learned that Eric Chu, Android Team and Market Manager of the past 4 years has stepped away from the Market, and will no longer be in charge of the new Play Store.

According to TechCrunch, Jamie Rosenberg who was the head of Google Music, and responsible for bringing it to Android will now be taking over the Google Play Store. Rosenberg originally came to Google after leaving Microsoft and has made huge improvements to Google Music — made it what we now know and love today, and hopefully we can expect some awesome changes to the Play Store coming soon. You might not like the new name but those “Play of the Day” $0.25 apps are pretty awesome. Right?

Eric Chu will still be working inside of Google, and probably the Android team but for now his plans and new role are unknown. Apparently the internal management structuring for the Android Market wasn’t ideal, and was causing some issues that are expected to clear up now that Jamie Rosenberg will be heading up all operations.

While Rosenberg’s title will remain unchanged, he’ll now be in charge of music, games, and apps inside the Google Play Store. It appears that Google has some big plans for Google Play and the Play Store, and will be giving it plenty of resources to grow and get better from here on out. I expect big things, and you should too.


  1. I get the unification so that the store is the same for all forms of hardware but why play? Call it the google market or something. They also still need to absorb the chrome web store into play as well.

  2. why am I not aware of the new re-branding until I look for a new app on my google samsung phone and cant find the market app anymore. Have some respect to your users and let them know you’re changing the name and icon! rude.


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