Up until today Google has been rather silent regarding the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit that many are calling AppSung. After the jury ruled completely and utterly in favor of Apple claiming Samsung infringed on multiple patents — and requested over 1 billion in damages Google has finally chimed in with a comment.

Just like the jury’s deliberation, Google’s response is short and sweet — and that is all we get for now. While there will obviously be tons more to this story (sadly) over the next few weeks and months, today Google mentioned that they aren’t too worried about the results. Here’s what the old Goog had to say:

“The court of appeals will review both infringement and the validity of the patent claims. Most of these don’t relate to the core Android operating system, and several are being re-examined by the U.S. Patent Office. The mobile industry is moving fast and all players — including newcomers — are building upon ideas that have been around for decades. We work with our partners to give consumers innovative and affordable products, and we don’t want anything to limit that.”

They do briefly mention that many of the “ideas” have been around for decades, and we totally agree but don’t get us started. Based on comments from AllThingsD Google doesn’t sound too concerned, but then they did just pick up a huge patent portfolio with their acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

To be honest however, as much as Google gained from the Moto acquisition this has to be somewhat unsettling for Google and their partners. While Samsung does have a chance at many appeals (or more) this mess is still far from over regarding Samsung, and the many other OEMs. AllThingsD seems to think Apple will be headed for Google directly next. All I have to say about that is — notification pull-down bar!