Google introduced a new tool/app last month called Spaces, and it was meant to be a small group sharing community, where it is easier to converse with your friends/contacts about specific topics, sharing links, videos, photos, etc. While it still hasn’t gained enough traction yet, the tech giant seems serious about pushing this app and is in fact now looking for members who would be willing to sort of beta test some new features that they will be releasing later on (or not) in future updates.

If you’re not yet familiar with Spaces, it is Google’s attempt at giving its users a “better group sharing experience”. You will be able to create Spaces for various interests or topics, invite people to join you in these spaces, and then start sharing articles, videos, images, without necessarily having to leave the app. Google Search, Chrome, and YouTube are built-in already. It is also easy to search past items that have already been shared.

What Google wants to happen now is to find “trusted members” who are already using the app and may want to try out some new features that they are thinking of introducing. Simply called Space Trusted Members, the program will allow you to not just use these features but also to give feedback on these “unreleased concepts and ideas.” It’s something that will not cause you much effort, unless you become super addicted to Spaces that other parts of your digital life suffer.

But in any case, if you’re interested, just follow the link to the form in Google Product Director Luke Wroblewski’s Google Plus page to join the Space Trusted Members program.

VIA: AusDroid