If you’ve ever wondered how Google is able to maintain correct information in all the places on their Google Maps, part of their secret is the Local Guides program. It encourages ordinary (okay, maybe some extraordinary too) people to crowd-source and contribute to the navigation app. They say there are more than 30 million contributors now from around the world and they would like to add to that number. So now they are introducing five new levels to aspire to, as well as more rewards and incentives for those already in the program and those who want to join.

If you’re a Local Guide, you now have even more ways to earn points and climb the ladder. Previously you would get more points for higher impact actions like being the first to add a place to the map or leaving a review. Now you could also rate places and check other facts from fellow guides. And when you earn points, it will now immediately reflect when you make your contribution to the community.

When you reach Level 2, you can get early access to new features, goodies from Google, and perks from local partners. There are also now five new levels that you can reach, bringing the total to 10 levels. If you reach level 4-10, you get unique badges next to your profile picture in Google Maps, so people will know immediately your level. Select countries also now get a three-month subscription to Google Play Music and 75% off movie rentals at the Google Play Movie store, when you reach levels 4-10.

It’s actually pretty easy to sign up to be a Local Guide, so if you like earning points for doing some digital good, sign up today. Not only do you earn points, but you give and get a more accurate picture of your local community.

SOURCE: Google