For tennis fans who are already experiencing withdrawals since the Wimbledon tournament is almost over, Google has something to tide you over until the next Grand Slam event. On your Google app on your phone or on your desktop, you’ll find an Easter egg, or more specifically, a tennis ball that will let you play an 8-bit game of tennis on your device. There are only a few days left until we find out who will be crowned the new Wimbledon champs so you might want to try out the game before it disappears.

The Google UK Twitter account posted about the game, asking people if they’ve already seen it. If you haven’t yet, just type Wimbledon on your Google Search app and watch out for the tennis ball in your results. Tap the ball and the game will start with various characters like cats, dogs, and even an Android, playing you or against you.

To play the game, you can just swipe left or right when on your mobile device or press your right and left arrow keys when on your laptop or desktop. Of course it will get faster and harder the more you play it until you either lose or eventually give up. Don’t expect a full mobile game experience of course since this is just an 8-bit Easter egg for your amusement.

Some haven’t seen the tennis ball in their results so it might be available only in some territories or it may just appear randomly for some users. Google also didn’t say until when the game will be available but it’s probably not long for this world since the women’s finals will be on Saturday while the men’s finals is on Sunday.

So if you’re into tennis or you’re just bored, go ahead and google Wimbledon and hope that tennis ball will make an appearance on your results page.