Google first launched live cases last year from Skrillex. It was a limited edition series that showed us how a phone protective case can work as a companion live wallpaper. The special covers gave the Nexus phones some life. And since Android is all about customization, Google decided to launch more this year with the ‘My Live Case’ series which allows owners of the latest Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and the Nexus 6 to make their own designs.

The live case can be easily customized with any photo of your loved ones, pet, or umm, yourself. You can also use a map by pinpointing your location on Google Maps. Just upload the image and use it for your custom case. You can even do some editing to make it really your own–add some colors, shapes, stripes, or text. The case can be set in matte or glossy finish although the latter isn’t available at the moment. Once done with the design, Google will show you a 3D model so you’ll have an idea how your custom phone case will look like.

Google Live Cases

The My Live Case from Google can be availed for only $35. It’s a fun way to personalize your smartphone. You can even set a shortcut button that can be used to launch a frequently used app like maybe the camera, a fave app, your inbox, or simply to activate a wallpaper. You can make your own custom case right in the design studio on Google Store.

Google Live Cases 3

SOURCE: Google, SlashGear