Google Lens is not a perfect tool just yet. But when it does work, it’s actually pretty useful especially if you want to easily find out what specific objects are and where you can buy them. The problem is that it’s still not that widely available yet to all Android smartphones, especially with Google Assistant. But it looks like Google is slowly but steadily rolling it out to various devices, and this time, it’s the turn of OnePlus smartphones, particularly the OnePlus 3 and 3T and the OnePlus 5 and 5T units.

Google Lens has actually been around since last year, but only Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy Note 8 have it on their Google Assistant. While most Android devices do have Google Lens built-in to their Google Photos app, it’s still much more convenient to have it on the digital assistant. Now some users are seeing the feature on their OnePlus devices like in the UK. It may be a gradual roll-out so don’t expect your OnePlus 3/3T or OnePlus 5/5T to immediately have it.

If you’ve never used Google Lens before, you’ll find the icon in the bottom corner of your Google Assistant. When you tap it, it will open the camera and then you can tap on any item in the viewer and Google will supposedly identify it and will list suggestions for more information. It will also list options where you can buy the item if it’s a product like clothes, books, etc. However, the image recognition tool of Google isn’t working that well yet, so you might have to be patient with it.

Hopefully, once they’ve fixed various bugs and problems, it will also roll out to other Android devices that already have Google Assistant support. You can also see how Google Lens works in your Google Photos app.

VIA: XDA Developers