Google Lens is actually pretty amazing if you think about it, especially now that it has even more features. The problem is that until recently, it was only available in selected devices that had Google Assistant. Yes, it eventually came to Google Photos but even then, people want something more accessible and convenient for their mobile devices. Well for people who are using non-Pixel devices from OEMs like LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony Mobile, Nokia, Transsion, TCL, OnePlus, BQ and ASUS, you’re getting your wish as it has started rolling out to selected devices. And even better news is that you’ll be able to access it through your native camera app. Here’s what you’ll be getting when Google Lens finally reaches you.

Easier access in your native camera

Previously, Google Lens was baked into the Google Assistant app or if your device didn’t have that yet, it was integrated into the Google Photos app. But the latest update now brings it to your native camera app, if your name isn’t Samsung. It looks like most of the major smartphone brands area already included here except for the Korean OEM. Whether it’s because of some issue between Google and Samsung or it will actually be added in the near future, you will have to be satisfied with Bixby Vision, which is somewhat similar to Lens anyway, for now. Coming soon will be a Google Lens app available in the Google Play Store for those who have smartphones other than the brands mentioned above

Smart Text Selection lets you copy paste from the real world

This tool is pretty handy for people who love quoting from books or who need to look up the meaning of words that are unfamiliar to them, without having to type out anything. Just point your camera with the Google Lens at the book or street sign or restaurant menu and it will detect the words for you and either give you the translation or meaning or give you more information about it. There’s also this neat copy paste thing that you can do. Just highlight the words you want to copy, press copy, then paste it wherever you want.

Style Match helps you find similar things online

When you see a dress in a store that you really like but you want to canvass where else you can find similar styles to it, Style Match will come in handy. Just point your camera at it, tap on the image, and then Google Lens will give you suggestions for similar styles. If it’s available, you will even get links to shopping sites where you can actually get it. It works on clothes, furniture, accessories, etc. It can work either way, whether you’re looking for the exact item or just things that are identical to it.

Google Lens real-time is…well…real

Real-time detection of the objects around you is probably one of the most useful things about the updated Lens. When you pan around a room, you’ll now see colored dots on things that it can recognize. Just tap on the object you want more information about and the hopefully relevant information will appear below. Some of the things that it will be able to do are:

Text (copy phone numbers, dates, addresses)
Products (find similar items to clothing and furniture, hopefully, more in the future)
Books & Media (identify what it is based on the cover or image and also links as to where to buy them)
Places (learn more about landmarks, buildings, scenery, etc)
Barcodes (scan them to get more details)

Google Lens for the native camera app is now slowly rolling out to various devices. If you already have it, tell us how you’re liking it so far and what are the things that you wish it will have next.

VIA: Engadget