Google Lens is still not available on most Android devices or even most Google apps just yet, but the company seems to really be pushing for it big time. The latest new thing you can do with it, well if you have a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL that is, is that the photo you took that you’re trying to understand or find out what it is or where to get it, you can now directly import to Google Keep to remind yourself later on about it.

One reddit user noticed this with their Pixel 2 device. When Dr_CSS took a photo for his Google Lens but it didn’t recognize what the photo was. He was able to directly save it to Google Keep so that the app can remind him later to look for it on his own. You can also use it to keep said image so you can use it to remind yourself of something or you just want to save it. If you’re saving a handwritten note, it will be saved as an image since Google Keep doesn’t recognize handwriting yet.

This is just the latest Google integration that you can enjoy with Google Lens. There were previous updates that connected it to Google Assistant, which is pretty important and makes life easer, and wth Google Photos which is also a good way of saving your Lens on the cloud.

There is no official announcement yet from Google, but if you have Google Lens, try it out if you have the Import to Keep option already.

VIA: Reddit