Google has been building the reputation of their Google Assistant through new features that should make your life easier, new products that they have integrated with the digital assistant, and other cool gimmicks that would make you want to “Hey Google” all day. Now they have just launched a new marketing campaign called YouTubers Say “Hey Google” to highlight all of its strengths and features. They tapped six popular YouTube content creators to show people what Google Assistant and Custom Routines can do for you.

Google identified six different content creators to include in this campaign: singer and actor (and Ru Paul’s Drag Race judge) Todrick Hall, Venezuelan-American Internet personality Lele Pons, beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina, DIY aficionados The Sorry Girls, YouTube’s slime queen Karina Garcia, and science and experiment channel Action Lab. They chose a pretty diverse group of creators who each have their own solid fan base and Google is hoping they’ll be able to convince their followers to use Google Assistant as well.

They built each of these YouTubers a mini-set in their studio, customizing each with what the creators wanted to happen and surprising them with some things that Google Assistant can apparently do for them. Todrick had a sort of dance studio to launch his latest single, Lele showed off her quinceañera saving skills, Jackie showed off her beauty routine, The Sorry Girls showed off their plant hacks, Karina made fun foam slime, and Action Lab tried to predict chaos.

Of course, all of these videos had Google Assistant and Custom Routines front and center. Well, not always. Sometimes Google Assistant would just make cameos, like in the case of Lele’s party organizing skills. Todrick’s Custom Routine meanwhile showed how to set up the routines in a more detailed video, showing how you can connect your bubble machine and disco ball to smart plugs. Just by saying Hey Google, let’s get this party started, the music, lights, and peripherals all fall into place.

Google Assistant already has some ready-made routines that you can enable to make your life easier. It connects various devices and actions that can be triggered with just one phrase or sentence. But you can also create custom routines so you can just add the devices and commands that you want Google Assistant to execute.

SOURCE: Google