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Parenting is difficult. It’s true. It can be emotionally rewarding but more often than not, it is stressful. Just ask all the parents you know out there and they will tell you the same thing. Adults need a lot of reinforcement especially in this day and age of the Internet and gadgets. Everything is tricky because kids are smarter. Controlling their use of phones and computers is quite a challenge but there are tools that can help parents.

For this purpose, Google has created the Family Link app. It was developed to help the parents or guardians to manage the child’s gadget consumption, reach, and mobile experience. It’s simply an app developed for the adults to help their kids towards a responsible digital adventure.

The idea is that parents can set rules for the whole family to follow (parents included!), set screen time, schedule bedtime, approve or block apps, manage all apps, and even remotely block apps at certain times. Even if parents are not home, they can still block apps when it is time for their kids to study, do homework, eat, or sleep.

Google’s Family Link app allows you to make a personal Google Account for your kid. This way, you can manage their activities and control their schedule and app use. Honestly, this app is every parent’s dream come true because it helps moms and dads to keep an eye on the kiddos’ digital life. It’s not depriving the children of the good things in life but rather teaching them self-control, patience, and time-management.

The Family Link app isn’t live on the Google Play Store yet but you can request for an invitation to join the Family Link early access program. You need to be in the United States though to be eligible for the said program.

SOURCE: Google (The Keyword), Family Link


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