If you’re interested in the inner workings of the developers of some of your favorite apps and games and this multi-billion industry, there are a lot of materials that you can search for out there. But Google is making it a bit easier for you by launching a new podcast called Apps, Games, and Insights. It will bring listeners “insights, stories, and learnings” from the industry experts and the people and companies behind some of the most popular apps and games out there.

The podcast’s first season will have eight episodes and will be hosted by two people from Google: Tamzin Taylor, head of Apps & Games Business Development for Google Play in Western Europe, and Dirk Primbs, head of the Ecosystem Developer Relations team in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. They will be trying to reach and inspire designers, developers, product managers, marketers, and even those that are just interested in the apps and games industry.

Google already provided the line-up for their first eight episodes. To kick things off, they will be talking to Sarah Fuchs, the VP of Crowdstar and Judy Chen, Director of Product Management at the same company about the importance of diversity in reflecting their players. They are developers of the games Covet Fashion and Design Home and they also talk about how the first game is actually 60% women.

The second episode will have Chris Petrovic, the SVP of Zynga and how the company has spent more than $1B in mergers and acquisitions for the past 10 years. In episode 3, the people behind football streaming company DAZN talk about the challenges of getting their service and mobile app ready in just one year. Venture capitalists will be interviewed in episode 4 while the focus of the fifth episode is privacy and security.

The last three episodes will have folks from Jagex Games Studio on how they keep players engaged in their games, BBC and its commitment to be accessible and inclusive for those with disabilities, and Gameloft and its multi-platform approach. The Apps, Games, and Insights podcast is available on platforms like Spotify and Google Podcasts.