Emoticons have evolved from being a simple text-based character happy faces to emojis. From typing just a colon and a close parenthesis or a letter D ( 🙂 😀 ), we can easily insert ? or the ‘Face with tears of joy’ ? which was actually, if you didn’t know, Oxford’s Word of the Year for 2015.  You think these yellow icons are just symbols but no, they are more than that. They mean and tell a lot. They make expressing one’s self easier and in many ways more fun. You see, there are times when words are not enough that you only need one emoji to say how you feel. Choose again: ?, ?, ?, ?, or ?.

To make things easier, Google has just launched Gboard. It’s a new keyboard that allows the user to search for stuff to send right from the keyboard. It’s not just emojis but also GIFs and other information you can gather using the Google search. It’s something we’ve been wanting to see: a special search feature on the screen so you won’t have to go out of the app and launch a new one.

While inside a chat or conversation, you’ll see that ‘G’ icon. When the person on the other end of the conversations asks you something and you need to search for answers or information, click on the icon to open search. Type the keywords you want to search for. Once you find the answer, simply copy, and then paste into the message section.

Gboard simply lessens the time of search for things you want to send and share. Admit, there are many times you got out of a chat to check and search for the appropriate reply. With the Gboard keyboard app, no time is wasted switching apps, typing, and waiting for search results because you can search right within the keyboard interface.

Gboard 2

When you only want to send an emoji but can’t seem to find one that’s appropriate because there are too many, just search in Gboard using a keyword. It’s the same with GIFs, just search for one. There’s also Glide Typing that allows the mobile user to slide a finger to type as opposed to tapping.

Note that this one is available only for iOS but the Android version should be ready soon. Just. You. Wait.

VIA: Product Hunt

SOURCE: Google