Today Google has just shared the news that they’ve done away with the Google Mobile Blog, and instead will have a dedicated and Official Android Blog instead. The soon to close Google Mobile Blog outed the news this morning confirming the change.

What does this mean? It means Google will now have a dedicated blog for any and all things Android related. Will it be like Android Community and give you all the news you’d ever want. Of course not! What it will do however is keep you up to date with Android and Google related news. News like the new Google Wallet update this afternoon.

It looks like the official Android Blog has been chugging along for months now. With details, posts, and videos about the Nexus 7, the Nexus Q, and now the Google Wallet update. Anything special in the world of Android from Google themselves will be easy to find right from the official Android Blog.

They recently launched an official @Android twitter page, and then +Android over on Google Plus, so this is just the next logical step we guess. They surely won’t have daily news but if you’re an Android fanatic or developer you’ll want to keep it in your news feed moving forward. I like all these new changes from Google. Keep em coming!

[via Official Android Blog]