There are a lot of people who want to play Super Nintendo games on their smartphones given the popularity of emulators that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. But it looks like Google has been quietly cracking down on such apps but without giving a specific expansion as to why it is doing so. SuperRetro 16 is one of those popular apps but it has found itself unceremoniously kicked out from the Google Play Store and developer Neutron Emulation is trying to create a version that is compliant with Google policies.

The developer posted on Twitter that they have received a suspended notification from Google for their app. Just like with a lot of their take down notices, they do not specify the reasons why the app was found in violation of Google Play policy. Neutron Emulation expressed frustration over this decision as they say they have always tried to comply with the policies implemented by Google.

They promised that they are working on producing a complaint version so that they can re-upload it to the Google Play Store. They will also be migrating their paid users to that new version of course. Some comments in the Twitter thread have requested that these paid users be given access to an APK in the meantime but there has been no response so far from the developer.

Hopefully for those who love to play Super Nintendo games, this will be resolved soon and that a new version of the app will be uploaded or that Google will reinstate it for some reason. Hopefully Google will also be more specific when it comes to these takedown notices to be fair to developers.