One of the great things about Android are the keyboards. We can switch at-will, even choosing to swap in and out of third party keyboards if we like. With that diversity comes competition, leading even Google to respond by updating their stock offering. While as polarizing as any other keyboard, Google’s is pretty good — maybe even the best.

Between adding swipe-to-text features and changing the color scheme a bit, Google has made users both happy and upset. Though the design alterations were intended to match the KitKat styling, it left some lamenting the change. For what it is, the Google keyboard is a favorite of many. The move to an all-white scheme was not too popular, though, leading Google to change things up a bit.

Via a recent update, Google is giving users the chance to choose their color scheme. In the settings menu, we’ll now see the option to choose either white or blue for the trailing animation and predictive words across the top. A small change, but an important one for die-hard purists who don’t like change. For us, moving back was a bit odd, almost feeling flashy.

Of course, there are the unknown “bug fixes” present as well, though we can’t say we’ve experienced any of those. If you’re interested in making the change back to blue, first be sure your Keyboard is up to date. Then, go to Settings> Language and Input> Google keyboard> Advanced setting> Color scheme. It will give you the option for the old-school blue or newly minted white.