The wait for Android 4.4 Key Lime Pie has many of us going crazy. So much in fact that Google changed the name of the next version of Android to KitKat, and launched a full fledged KitKat campaign with chocolate galore. While we’re all waiting for an announcement from Google, a few eagle-eyed fans at AndroidPolice stumbled on some new Google Keyboard screenshots (from Google themselves) in the Play Store potentially showing us Android 4.4 KitKat.

What happened here is a recent update to the Google Keyboard app in Korea had Google staff upload some new screenshots to the Play Store, showing off the application just like all developers do. In the listing you’ll see a brand new light grey, almost white color scheme, which has been rumored for the next version of Android.

Not only that, but the Android debug logo apparently has been changed and we see a little slice of Key Lime Pie, instead of the Andy bugdroid robot. Again, this is in the new color scheme. Now this could just be a custom ROM or color, but coming from Google’s very own app and keyboard, we have a feeling it’s legit.


Above you see the Jelly Bean Android debug icon changed out for a piece of Key Lime Pie. Which was either a decoy, or the developers haven’t got around to changing this to a KitKat. Or whatever icon they’ll use. A few recent rumors have suggested Android 4.4 will be slightly more of a visual overhaul than we all thought, but so far this is still about all we have to go on.

If the early October rumors of a release date and unveil are true, Google should be shedding more light on the next version of Android soon. That, and we’ll be seeing more and more leaks.