Google Keep has become an indispensable digital post-it system for a lot of Android users, so any update to this app or even its web version is always welcome. Well, for this round, you get both, as the latest update brings minor changes in the design as well as new features to make using the app easier and smarter. You now get previews to links pasted on your note, auto-completing your grocery lists, and even detecting if you already have duplicates in the list.

One thing that users seem to be using Google Keep is to, well, keep grocery lists. But sometimes, especially when you’re referring to a brand, the app keeps autocompleting it to a completely different thing. But now, Google is bringing us context-specific autocomplete, specifically for your aforementioned grocery list. We only hope that this will also carry over to other aspects of the app. As for the other lists, the update also brings duplicate detection so that in case you forget that you already listed something down or even completed it, it will show up in the autocomplete list with a check mark on it.

Another new feature for Google Keep is giving us a preview of links that we paste onto our notes. Not all links are easily distinguishable from its URL, so having a preview of it will help you remember what it is and why you pasted it there in the first place. The preview can also be seen in the main notes list and you don’t have to open the actual note but just click on the hyperlink to open it.

There are also minor UI changes in the mobile app and the web version has now finally been updated to the Material Design visual guidelines. You can update your Google Keep app now to enjoy all these new features. Happy grocery shopping!


SOURCE: Google