Google Keep is seeing an update soon, taking it to version 2.2. With the latest version, we’ll get the ability to search images as well make copies of notes. Better organization is incoming as well, and the UI has been tweaked just a bit, too.

Image search is easily the biggest draw, here. It sounds as if we’ll be able to snap a pic of a sign or image, and Google will recognize the text within. We’ve seen this come to Translate, so having it in Keep is equally nice. If you take a pic of a restaurant you were at, and Keep can recognize the script of the sign, you could perform a search for the name of the place, and Keep would then bring the pic up. Pretty neat if you’re a heavy Keep user.

The orange navigation bar is new, and looks a bit like Play Music. The slide-out bar has been updated to support multiple accounts, and you can now make copies of notes, presumably for keeping them in multiple places. We wonder if this means Keep will find its way to other Google services as well.

You will also get the option to select where new items end up, which only adds to the new organizational structure this update seems to have. Between multiple accounts, note copying, and better utility to place your notes where you want/need them, this could be Google’s push at making Keep something we want to keep on our devices.

Source: Android Police