While Android Q and its system-wide dark mode still isn’t here (well, unless you’re part of the early tester’s program), we’ll have to make do with various apps bringing the option to their respective products. We’ve seen Facebook’s Messenger, Google News, Calculator, and other apps get a darker option if you don’t like all that white space on your phone. Google, in particular, has been trying it out on its own products and the latest one to partially get it is its productivity app Keep.

If you use Keep a lot for note-taking or tasks/reminders/to-do list writing, then you’ll probably like that you now have or will soon have the option to use the dark mode for the app. Unlike the Chrome dark mode which doesn’t seem production ready, this one has almost been perfected. Obviously, the white UI has already been inverted to create a less bright interface. The colors have been turned pastel and the layers have various shades of gray in it.

The screenshots posted on Android Police doesn’t show what happens to the custom colors that you use for your notes. We assume that it will follow the Material Design guidelines and so they will turn pastel as well. You can also turn your widget dark and it should be able to match other widgets on your home screen that also now have dark modes. Aside from the fact that it should make a lot of your apps match, the dark mode option also helps you wind down when you need to be sleeping or resting as well as save up on your battery as well with all the white space gone.

Once you update your app to the latest version, you should be able to see a toggle in the settings. You can enable and disable it easily for the Keep app and maybe later on if you want it to be independent of system settings. However, it seems to be a server side update so you’ll have to wait or if you can’t, you can always side load the APK.

The dark mode for Google products aren’t perfect just yet. But we’ll probably see improvements over the next few months as well as the addition of other apps before finally getting that much-awaited system-wide dark mode that will come with Android Q.