With the news that Evernote has cut some of the features from its free app (and made the paid ones more expensive), people are probably on the lookout for a new free note-taking app. While it’s not as fully-featured as its competitors (at least not yet), Google Keep is something that you can consider. A new update to the app brings better sorting features. In other not so related news, Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides) also get improved comment notifications.

Whether you use your Google Keep to write down lists, save links from the website, or write down your sudden burst of ideas, it will now be easier to look for the note that you need. It will “automagically” create certain common topics like food, travel, quotes, books, etc. So when you click the search button, it will reveal the topic buttons and so you can either search by topic or just type the keyword and it will show you notes that are connected to that topic.

SearchFeature-4 (1)

As for Google Apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, you’ll now have the option to receive your comment notifications on your Android device or on the web browser or both if you like receiving multiple notifications. You don’t need to update your current settings, just choose the option to receive it on your device. But you’ll only be able to receive the notifications if your Google Drive is updated to the latest version. For the web browser notifications, you can find it in the Drive settings menu.

Comments on Mobile and Web

The update should be currently rolling out to the respective apps. So go to their Google Play Store pages to check if yours is ready.

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