Google Keep has been a pretty good note-taking app for when you need to jot down something quickly and you only have a few seconds to open something on your mobile device. However, integrating it into your workflow or productivity routine can sometimes be a challenge since it’s not the most robust. But now Google has announced it is being integrated into the G Suite and so you can easily work it into your Google Docs “for easier brainstorming.”

Usually, people keep notes, lists, and even drawings on Keep on their mobile app and also on the desktop app or browser version. Now when you open your Google Docs on the web, you can open your Keep on the side panel within the Docs itself. This means you will be able to integrate what you’ve kept in your notes onto a main document whether for a school report or a work brainstorming document.

You can drag your notes from Keep onto a main document. And if you’ve made several notes in your Keep app, you can search from them easily as well. And even as it is only on your sidebar, if you need to make a new note you can do so within the Google Doc. Type something onto the notepad or copy something from the document. When you open the note in your mobile app, it will also have a link to the source document you were working on.

When you open a Google Doc now, you’ll see the option to have Keep on the sidebar. If you close it inadvertently, simply go to the Tools tab and choose Keep notepad and it will reappear on your document and you can drag and create and search your heart away.

SOURCE: Google